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Includes liquid elixir potions, drinks, and bubble pops, explosions, fireworks for maximum celebration and epic-ness in your game – torches, fire starters, digging, mining, magic, twinkles, and poofs unlocks, enchants, buffs, Bows, footsteps and more! Don’t forget the Material Break and Tool section. Inspired by the sounds of the popular game Minecraft, Builder Game’s Tool and Material break section gives you the essentials for breaking a variety of materials, building supplies for crafting your sandbox world to perfection.

Critics are calling this pack the cornerstone building block for any modern blockbuster family fun adventure game. We love this fun, light, charming pack and know you will too. It will surely inspire gameplay, exploration and adventure for your users audio experience. Let’s celebrate a new day with our feel-good sonic release Builder Game.

The Builder Game sound effects library is one of the recent installments in Epic Stock Media’s popular series of game genre sound libraries: Ancient Game, Retro Game, Mobile Game, Ambient Game, Vibrant Game, Fantasy World (loops), Fantasy Game, and Puzzle Game, Quest Game. All designed to make your audio life easier and faster with market leading quality and creativity, at an unquestionable value.

Product Details:
625+ files
9 mins of game audio
All in 16-bit 44.1k .wav format
431.4mb of space
Gives you a popular game feel
Perfect for Game Sound Designers
Embedded Soundminer
Cartoon creatures, insects, flutters
Growls, moans, groans
Variety of designed door opens, closes, squeaks
Variety of footsteps on common game surfaces
Items, collects, coins, upgrades,
Boosters, pick ups, specials
Lava, liquid, bubbles, bubble pops, splashes,
Variety of material breaks,
Magic Buffs, shields, enchants,
Crystals, poofs, unlocks,
Treasure chests, trinkets
Hammer on wood, metal, chop wood,
Pickaxe broken, pickaxe hit stone, metal, dirt,
Shovel snow, saw wood,
Buttons, clicks, locks, squeaks,
Switches, ui, tabs
Fireworks, whistles, crackles, explosions,
Bow, arrows, impacts, heavy and light swings
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