Baseball Bat Weapons

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Modded Baseball Bats Vol. 1

Three Very Detailed Modded Baseball Bat, with a Scratched Dark Wood Texture. The Models are Low Poly, and perfect for game environments, such as FPS, MMO, Survival, etc.

1 X Normal Baseball Bat (No Mods)
1 X Nailed Baseball Bat (Modded with rusty nails in top of the bat(
1 X Saw Blade Baseball Bat (Modded with a Saw Blade into the top of the bat - The Blade is seperated, so that it can be animated with spinning)

Models is unwrapped, and UV Mapped using Photoshop.
Diffuse, Specular, Normal Maps.
2048x2048 Texture Maps TIFF

Low Poly Triangles

Normal Baseball Bat
586 Polys
295 Verts

Nailed Baseball Bat
1370 Polys
757 Verts

Saw Blade Baseball Bat
3108 Polys
1595 Verts

5064 Polys
2647 Verts

Saw Blade (Seperated)
1786 Polys
986 Verts

Extra! : Source File Formats also Included :

More Information
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
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