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Copyright (c) 2017, uniflare, see LICENSE.txt for details
# Splash Screen Example Plugin
Splash Example Plugin is a simple, light-weight splash screen rendering plugin with several features such as;
- Drop and play!*1
- Compatible with engine templates and GameZero/GameSDK Sample project*2
- Renders an 'Initial' Splash texture in windowed mode immediately (first)*3
- Renders a 'Main' Splash texture in windowed or fullscreen mode
- Several CVars to control the plugin without building from source
- CVar `splash_plugin_enable` (def 1) Enable/Disable splash plugin
- CVar `splash_show` (def 1) Controls showing the main (second) splash image
- CVar `splash_minimumPlaybackTime` (def 3.0) 'Main' splash display time in seconds
- CVar `splash_texture` (def 'SplashExample/Textures/Splash.dds') Main splash texture
- CVar `splash_show_initial` (def 1) Enable/Disable the intial splash image
- CVar `splash_minimumPlaybackTime_initial` (def 3.0) 'Initial' splash display time in seconds
- CVar `splash_texture_initial` (def 'SplashExample/Textures/InitialSplash.dds') Pre splash texture
- CVar `splash_startTimeOffset` (def 0.0) Allows for more accurate splash length in some cases
- Extra documentation for learning/understanding the example plugin' concept
- Verbosely commented source code (available on github)
- Automatically overrides original splash screen routine (if any)

*1 Installation can vary between projects, be sure to read the INSTALL.txt document in the `Docs/` folder.
*2 Assumes that the example plugin package is compatible with the target engine.
*3 Make sure you set the correct _r_width_ / _r_height_ cvar values!
-- This plugin assumes you are using the player profiles feature of CRYENGINE to store/set your game resolution!
-- These cvars should be the same width and height of your initial splash image!

Please read the included `readme.md` document (open with notepad or similar) or view the readme on the github repo by visiting the link mentioned below.
### More information
For help or more information please visit the associated thread on the forums below.
CRYENGINE ® Forum Thread: https://forum.cryengine.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=4201
CRYENGINE ® (Archived) Forum Thread: https://www.cryengine.com/community_archive/viewtopic.php?f=314&t=135972
GitHub ® Repository: https://github.com/uniflare/SplashExample
Quickstart Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqC7gGeA_f0&feature=youtu.be
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