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**CEVPlayer** - Plugin for CRYENGINE V allowing you to play video on the screen and on game objects

Available on [GitHub](https://github.com/afrostalin/CEVPlayer)
Latest release [here](https://github.com/afrostalin/CEVPlayer/releases)
Forum topic [here](https://forum.cryengine.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6926&sid=2fb383d1e3ee2eb03d70d921a1f2efd0)

**It includes :**
* Flowgraph nodes for creating the video player (Screen video / Texture video)
* VideoPlayerComponent for the easy integration with new components system
* Schematyc functions to simplify the creation of schematyc entities with a video player component
* Example project for fast functionality study
* Full source code
* Absolutely free license

**WIKI and lessons**
Please see [WIKI](https://github.com/afrostalin/CEVPlayer/wiki)
Fast functionality study with the [example project](https://github.com/afrostalin/VideoPluginExample)

**Additional information**
* CEVPlayer uses code of [Libav](https://libav.org) licensed under the [LGPL v2.1](url=https://www.gnu.org/licenses/)
* CEVPlayer can play video only in .webm format
* All video files should be in the "Videos" folder
* TextureVideoPlayer not playing audio - use audio triggers instead
* Don't use for TextureVideoPlayer video in very high resolution - it could lead to performance issues (HD or lower is recommended)
* Don't play video when the level is loading - the game will crash!

**GitHub community**
I will be happy with any help from the community, so I'm waiting for your pull requests.
If you have any issues with this plugin please use [GitHub issues](https://github.com/afrostalin/CEVPlayer/issues)

If you need more from me, write me directly to my email : chernecoff@gmail.com

This is a third party plugin which has not been developed nor is being maintained by Crytek.
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