Custom C++ Entity Game Sample

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This sample is a minimal Game DLL implementation meant to showcase how a game project can be built using only C++ code, as opposed to combining C++ with C# and/or Lua. The project is extracted and added using the "existing project" icon within the launcher. All code and the solution file is provided within the zip folder.

The sample implements the following:

1. Animated Entity - A basic entity that with the help of editor properties can play raw animations (Entity does not use Mannequin!)
2. Environment Probe - A native implementation of an environment probe, normally loaded via Lua in the GameSDK and GameZero projects.
3. Physicalized Entity - A native entity implementation that allows physicalizing a specified model as a rigid or static entity.

The articles written to support the concepts and overview of this sample are located in these pages of the documentation.


Game Objects:
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