Fantasy Music Pack - Chapter 1

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*Fantasy Music Pack - Chapter 1* is a collection of songs suitable for fantasy or medieval RPG games. You will find themes for different settings like angelical places, battles, dungeons, forests, and towns; there are also songs for trailers, cinematics, or menus; the choice it's yours!

Some of the songs are featured in two different versions, full-mix and multi-layer. With the multi-layer version, you will have the freedom to re-arrange the song and create a different mix using the DAW of your preference or build a programmable version of the song (adaptive - dynamic - non-linear); you can achieve this by using the native audio tools inside yor game engine, or programs such Wwise or FMOD Studio.

[Demo Track](

**full-mix songs**
+ KC_Character_Song1
+ KC_Character_Song2
+ KC_Game_Song1
+ KC_Trailer_Song1

**full-mix & multi-layer songs**
+ KC_BattleSong2
+ KC_BattleSong3
+ KC_CelestialSong1
+ KC_DungeonSong1
+ KC_DungeonSong2
+ KC_FieldsSong1
+ KC_ForestSong1
+ KC_TownSong1
+ KC_TownSong2

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