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502 files included – 8-bit game ready audio assets, over 30 minutes of pure 8-Bit epic-ness! All the awesome classic sounds you need for your 8-Bit Arcade Game! Retro Game is here to offer you the ultimate sonic stockpile to turn your old school 80’s vintage production or idea to life!

Version 2.0
All files are game-ready .WAV 44.1k 16-Bit, mastered and optimized in length, size to reduce game distributions and space.
The sounds are free of clipping, always start/end at volume 0 to avoid any clicks or pops, and looping sounds are seamless.
Includes embedded Soundminer metadata.
Product Details:
500+ Game Ready files
30+ Minutes of audio
Classic Arcade Game Sound Library
Perfect for Designers and Developers
Coins, Pick Ups, Counters,
Power Ups and Downs
Melodic Victory Wins and Loses
8-Bit Explosions, Magic Spells
Impacts, Swords, Laser Shots
Jumps and Falls,
Weapons, Bit Hits
Dame, Health, Chirps,
Alerts, Activates, Pings,
Errors, UI, Menu Selects,
Bonus 10 8-Bit Game Music Loops
& Much More!
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