Rolling Objects

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Rolling Objects library is providing a diverse collection of 270 HQ sounds and covering a wide range of small to large-sized props rolling on various surfaces.

Some of the most exciting elements used were large metallic pipes rolled on concrete, skidding tree logs and gravel, Chinese meditation balls sliding on aluminum, metal barrels moving on a multitude of surfaces, various childrens’ toys rolled against wooden surfaces.



The possibilities you have with this library are genuinely endless. It could be used to cover anything from vehicle sound design and giant boulder landslides to more innovative concepts like drone textures and sci-fi mechanical movements.


- Every sound has been captured with both stereo configurations and directional microphones in order to achieve wideness without phase cancellation issues when flipping your sounds into mono.

- All sounds have been recorded from as close and as dry as possible to provide you a good representation of the respective material.

- The sounds have been minimally processed and intended to serve not only those who need straightforward samples but also those in search for intriguing “raw” material for maximum creative freedom in creating new sounds.


- 270 royalty-free files in total
- 16bit/48kHz in stereo .wav format
- Library size is 470 MB (unzipped)
- You can view the full tracklist in PDF format here:
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