Weapon Sound Pack - Pistol: FiveSeveN

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## You loved the FiveSeveN in counter strike, right?
Maybe you can give it to your player with this sound pack!
You will have everything needed to make it sound powerful.
This a small pack for this largely famous pistol!

[Video Preview link](https://youtu.be/mBMHWtHYkgg)
[Audio preview link](https://soundcloud.com/user-357317103/weapon-sound-pack-pistol-fiveseven)

The package contains:

-41 sounds
-Single Shot sounds
-Single Shot with bullet casing sound
-bullet casing solo sound
-Reloading sound
-Cocking sound
-Aiming sounds
-Handling sounds
-Royalty free sounds.

All sounds have been recorded in Stereo 44KHz.

And don't forget to check in the future, more small weapon pack to come, or a Volume 4 pack in coming
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