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150+ CRYENGINE Zombie MoCap Animations - A large set of Undead Character Animations
INCLUDING: Hyper-Chase Running, Hyper-Attacks, On-Fire Variations and Deaths, Hits, Knock Backs, Crawling/Transitions, Standing Idles Variations, Walking, Slow Chasing, Directional Deaths, Reaching, Turns, and Shambles.
Create and control your own Zombie Horde with this set of flesh hungry Undead animations. We obtained and motion captured actual real Zombies in our studio! (No we didn't)

● Hyper Attacks with variations.
● Hyper Chases/Running with variations and transitions.
● New Idles and variations.
● On-Fire animations and Deaths.
● Knock Backs, Hits, and Death animations.
● Standing and Crawling hits and transitions.
● All animations as Root Motion and In-Place.
● Many versions of attacks with loops.
● Many variations of standing, reaching shuffling, shambling, walking, crawling and chasing.
● Long and short looped versions, as well as long continuous motions.
● Multiple deaths from all directions.

● Root motion.
● All animations are native I_CAF files and on the default MotusMan Character.
● The MotusMan Character is included in the First and Third Person Templates in CryEngine 5.
● Most locomotion's have two versions, In-Place and with traveling root motion.
● True linear translation speed for In-Place motions is provided in cm/sec for your reference and convenience. Using this speed will result in zero foot sliding.
● Provided FBX Motus Man character is copyright © Motus Digital, LLC
MoCap Online / Motus Digital

ANIMATION LIST: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B-Z-hxYLrNEUNUp2alpvRHRrMm8
PAGE LINK: http://www.motioncaptureonline.com/products/cry-zombie-pro
View Animations on SKETCHFAB: https://sketchfab.com/mocaponline/collections/zombie-animations
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